Glamor shot of a GL 6 Glamor shot of a GL 6

Getaway Lodge SeriesGL 6

Best-selling 6 seat model designed for the family or larger group. Features include a relaxing lounger, LED lighting and 33 hydrotherapy jets.

Dimensions 87" x 87" x 35" (221 cm x 221 cm x 89 cm)
Gallons 390 (1,480 L)
Jets 33  
Seating 6  
GL 6 downshot

Getaway Lodge Series
GL 6

Dimensions 87" x 87" x 35" (221 cm x 221 cm x 89 cm)
Weight (Dry/Full) 661 lbs (300 kg) / 4,840 lbs (2,195 kg)
Gallons 390 (1,480 L)
Power Requirement 13 Amp
Seating Capacity 6
Hydrotherapy Jets 33
Pumps 1
LED Lighting Colorscape Lighting
Comfort Pillows 3
Cascade Waterfalls 1
Exclusive Features Ozone System
Titanium Heater
Smart Filter System
Fast Drain
Lockable Control
Lockable Cover
HSG282 Compliant? Yes
Listing Number 9930
LED Lighting for Getaway Series Hot Tubs

Colorscape Lighting

Add a beautiful glow to your hot tub with Colorscape Lighting. With multiple color modes, these LED lights are a fun hot tub feature.

Energy Efficient

Quality construction and energy-efficient materials help keep energy costs low. The full-foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover work together to maintain water temperature.
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QuietFlo Water Care System

Maximize efficiency, while keeping water filtered and heated evenly. The QuietFlo Water Care System utilizes a circulation pump to move water at preset intervals.
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Ozone System

The Ozone System releases a super fine mist that works with your sanitizer to kill bacteria and other organics. Your hot tub will require less maintenance and chemicals.
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  • 5 YEARS - Shell Structure
  • 2 YEAR - Equipment
  • 2 YEAR - Plumbing
  • 2 YEAR - Jets
  • Lifetime - Skirting: Duramaster Polymer™
  • 1 YEAR - LED Light System*
  • 1 YEAR - Ozonator*

*If equipped. Options vary by model.

See complete warranty for details.

Estimated Monthly Operation Cost


Three quarter view of a getaway hot tub

Colors Available:

SHELL: Sea Salt

SKIRTING: DuraMaster Espresso

Close up of jets on a GL 6 Close up of jets on a GL 6

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