Glamor shot of a Getaway 6 Glamor shot of a Getaway 6

Getaway Hot TubsGetaway 6

Find your perfect spot with this versatile seating arrangement, featuring a full lounge and bucket seats. This five-person hot tub has 33 massage jets and a cascading waterfall for a total relaxation experience.

Dimensions 87" x 87" x 35" (221 cm x 221 cm x 89 cm)
Gallons 390 (1,480 L)
Jets 33  
Seating 6  
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Getaway Hot Tubs
Getaway 6

Dimensions 87" x 87" x 35" (221 cm x 221 cm x 89 cm)
Weight (Dry/Full) 605 lbs (274 kg) / 4,840 lbs (2,195 kg)
Gallons 390 (1,480 L)
Power Requirement 13 Amp
Seating Capacity 6
Stainless Steel Jets 33
Pumps 1
LED Lighting Colorscape Lighting
Exclusive Features Ozone System
Lockable Cover
Smart Filter System
Comfort Pillows
Fast Drain
Listing Number 9930

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Your garden escape awaits with the budget-friendly Getaway 6. This mid-size hot tub features amazing durability and unibody construction.

LED Lighting for Getaway Series Hot Tubs

Colorscape Lighting

Add a beautiful glow to your hot tub with Colorscape Lighting. With multiple color modes, these LED lights are a fun hot tub feature.

Energy Efficient

Quality construction and energy-efficient materials help keep energy costs low. The full-foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover work together to maintain water temperature.
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QuietFlo Water Care System

Maximize efficiency, while keeping water filtered and heated evenly. The QuietFlo Water Care System utilizes a circulation pump to move water at preset intervals.
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Ozone System

The Ozone System releases a super fine mist that works with your sanitizer to kill bacteria and other organics. Your hot tub will require less maintenance and chemicals.
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  • 5 YEARS - Shell Structure
  • 2 YEAR - Equipment
  • 2 YEAR - Plumbing
  • 2 YEAR - Jets
  • Lifetime - Skirting: Duramaster Polymer™
  • 1 YEAR - LED Light System*
  • 1 YEAR - Ozonator*

*If equipped. Options vary by model.

See complete warranty for details.

Estimated Monthly Operation Cost


Three quarter view of a getaway hot tub

Colors Available:

SHELL: Sea Salt

SKIRTING: DuraMaster Espresso

Close up of jets on a Getaway 6 Close up of jets on a Getaway 6

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